Former NFL Great Dan Marino Withdrawing His NFL Lawsuit


Former Miami Dolphins star Dan Marino is telling the NFL, opps my bad, after word came out that Marino was joining a lawsuit with 14 other former players over the effects of brain trauma during his pro career. Per the Sun Sentinel, Marino’s intent wasn’t to sue the league but to protect himself in the event he suffered effects later down the line.

“It was never Marino’s intention to initiate litigation in this case, but to ensure that in the event he had adverse health consequences down the road, he would be covered with health benefits. They are working to correct the error,” a source said to the Sun-Sentinel.

This is the catch-22 that many of the former NFL players are in. They might not be showing any signs of problems currently but want to be sure they have benefits and are protected for the “what ifs” later on.

Is Dan Marino still employed by CBS, a media partner of the NFL cause… yeah.