Former Chiefs LB Jovan Belcher’s body exhumed to test for signs of CTE


It’s been over a year since Former Kansas City Chiefs’ linebacker Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend and then himself. Now comes word his body has been exhumed in order to examine his brain for signs of  CTE, a degenerative condition linked to repeated concussions.

Belcher’s family had his body exhumed Friday. It is noted that the examination could be complicated because it’s been a year since his death, but according to Bennet Omalu, an expert on the destructive brain condition, vital information could still be gathered.

An examination of Belcher’s brain could determine whether he had chronic traumatic encephalopathy last December when he killed his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, with whom he had an infant daughter, in their home. Belcher then drove to the Chiefs’ practice facility and shot himself in the head in the parking lot.