Ex-NFL Player Joe McKnight Killed in Road Rage Incident; Shooter Released Without Charges

Former NFL player Joe McKnight was shot and killed in an apparent road rage incident in his home state of Louisiana Thursday afternoon.  His killer was released without charges Friday morning.

Ronald Gasser, 54, was identified as the shooter.  He and McKnight’s vehicle were stopped side-by-side at an intersection.  The two men reportedly got into an argument.  A witness told The Times-Picayune that she saw a man yelling at another man, who was trying to apologize.  McKnight was shot multiple times.  The witness added that the shooter shot McKnight, stood over him and said, “I told you don’t f–k with me.”  Then he fired again.

CPR was given on the scene but McKnight died of his wounds; he was just 28-years old and was unarmed.  Gasser stayed at the scene and gave his gun to responding officers.  He was taken into custody and questioned, then released without charges.

The release of Gasser, who is white, has enraged many people in the African-American community.  Antonio Cromartie, McKnight’s former teammate with the Jets, was disheartened to learn that Gasser was released without being charged.


Gasser’s family, however, said they couldn’t believe the telecommunications expert was capable of shooting and killing someone.

“He’s the best guy, the most generous guy,” Gasser’s sister, Sharon Weileman, told NOLA.com. “I have no idea what happened. I can’t even talk right now.”

“I’m speechless at the moment,” Gasser’s daughter, Candice Gasser-Bua said.  “I’m still trying to wrap my head around what happened.”

A rep from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Dept. says Gasser “definitely” shot McKnight, but there are “questions about the circumstances surrounding what led up to it.  The investigation is still ongoing and the case could go to the grand jury or the district attorney, which will decide whether or not charges should be filed.