ESPN Analyst Cris Carter Shares Powerful Message About Child Abuse [video]


I didn’t know a lot about Cris Carter before these last two weeks. I knew he played in the NFL for the Vikings, he’s in the Hall of Fame, and had a drug problem in the 90’s that he overcame.

With the NFL dealing with several personal conduct issues – and yes, that’s mildly stated – Cris Carter has made some great points in his current role as NFL analyst for ESPN. He recently spoke out the child abuse allegations that Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is facing.

Carter is correct that this is a sentiment that spans race, class and age groups. Many feel that strong discipline is what is missing from today’s children. But, in 2014 you can’t handle things the way your parents may have in certain scenarios.

I believe in disciplining children. But the photos of Peterson’s four-old son’s injuries seemed to have exceeded what’s reasonable.