Early NFL Season Predictions Heading into Camp

Although it seems like it was just yesterday when the Patriots failed to shock the world and Falcons‘ fans all over the world (read Atlanta) engaged in a collective facepalm, the Super Bowl was actually played months ago and training camp is set to open soon. That means it’s time to be absolutely wrong about some way early NFL season predictions. Let’s have a look into the complete obscurity of our crystal ball and see what presents itself for the 2017-18 NFL Season.

Prognosticating the AFC

We’ll start with the AFC. But unfortunately for everyone outside of the New England area, that means stating the irritating, er obvious. As long as Darth Hoodie roams the sidelines and Tom Brady is their starting quarterback, the Patriots are guaranteed at least 11 wins and a slot in the AFC Championship game. This is the one certain point in the ambiguous parity of the NFL cosmos, the solid ground upon which everything else can be built. After that though, it’s a free-for-all!

The Raiders and The Chiefs are the early favorites to challenge the Pats for AFC supremacy. The Raiders should come into the season with a healthy Derek Carr, an improved defense, and a heck of a lot to prove. The Chiefs seem to get incrementally better each year under Andy Reid and with some injury luck, they might have just enough playmakers to make a push as they wait for Patrick Mahomes to supplant Alex Smith as their starting QB.

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