Early NFL Draft Preview: 5 Players to Watch

With the NFL draft fast approaching, teams are preparing to make a pick that could change the direction of their entire franchise. Pick correctly and you could wind up with a player that helps you win dozens, if not hundreds of games over the course of his career. Pick incorrectly and wind up with a Jamarcus Russell type player who bleeds a franchise dry of money and never makes a meaningful contribution.

The draft is a tricky day. Things are moving so fast that one minute a team could be sitting at the third pick looking for their franchise quarterback and end up taking a left tackle. There’s no telling how any team is going to pick at any given moment. We’re going to look at the five guys in this draft that any team would be happy to draft regardless.


  1. Joey Bosa

Bosa is a 6’6” defensive end out of The Ohio State University. Bosa’s blend of speed and power is reminiscent of Von Miller and Jadaveon Clowney. Though he may not be as versatile as Miller, he certainly possesses the same pass rushing ability. No matter where Bosa winds up, the team is going to be very happy with his elite ability to put pressure on the passer.


  1. Myles Jack

This year could not have been any better of an indication of the old adage that says defense wins championships. With the top two defensive teams both making it to the Super Bowl, it’s not a ridiculous statement to say that this year we could see a record number of defenders taken in the first round. That bodes extremely well for the linebacker out of UCLA. Jack is a killer athlete that has folks thinking of Patrick Willis when he touches the field. But Jack isn’t like Willis in the way that he doesn’t get stuck in the middle of the field. In college, Jack played every linebacker position and even some slot-corner and safety. If a team is looking for a guy who does it all, look no further.

ezekiel elliott

  1. Ezekiel Elliot

In recent years, running backs have been slipping further and further in the draft, but that does not appear to be the case with Elliot. Elliot is one of the best college running backs we’ve seen in some years. What sets apart Elliot is his versatility. He is nimble enough to make linebackers miss and strong enough to run over safeties. Though Elliot got into trouble with his mouth over the course of the season that does not downplay the fact that this guy could turn into a superstar running back.