“Dream Team” Label Dead For Eagles: Michael Vick

“I think the ‘Dream Team’ — that word is dead now, you can’t talk ‘Dream Team’ anymore.” – Michael Vick

I think it’s unfair Michael Vick has to answer these ridiculous “Dream Team” questions. Shouldn’t they be having that conversation with Vince Young? He’s the one that tossed that out there.

Vick and the Eagles find themselves in the position of being 1-3 on the season with a tough game against the Bills on Sunday. Three straight games ending with fourth quarter collapses, the blame being the O-Line leaving Vick vulnerable. In two of the last four games, Vick missed significant playing time and the offense fell apart without him. 

The Bills have been on a hot streak, shocking everyone (only the 4-0 Detroit Lions are a bigger story) but lost last week to the Bengals.