Doug Baldwin Fined for Touchdown Celebration at Super Bowl


It hurts bad enough that his team suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Patriots in Super bowl 49, but Doug Baldwin is also going to have to cough up some cash to the NFL.

It’s not often a Seahawks player gets fined by the league for performing an “obscene gesture” and it’s not Marshawn Lynch. But Baldwin picked up right where Beastmode left off.

Baldwin will have to pay $11,025 for pretending drop his pants and poop on the ball following his 3rd quarter touchdown that gave Seattle a 10 point lead. The Seahawks were penalized 15 yards for the act.

Baldwin reportedly told the Everett Herald he didn’t regret the move and was just having fun.

“Ultimately the only the people I have to apologize to are my teammates and coaches, if that was the case, but my teammates and coaches, they know,” Baldwin s aid. “They didn’t say anything. That’s not even an issue. We lost the game, there are so many other things to be concerned with that something stupid like that.”


All the celebration dances in the world and that’s what he came up with?