Did The Cowboys Make A Mistake Giving Greg Hardy A Shot?

How do you feel about the Greg Hardy case? By now you’ve heard details or seen photos of Nicole Holder‘s bruise marks a day after the incident that led to domestic violence arrest of the Dallas Cowboys’ tight end.

In April of 2014, after discovering that Holder had a relationship with the rapper Nelly, Holder said Hardy attacked her. Hardy was convicted of assaulting and threatening to kill Holder, but those charges were later dropped on appeal after when Holder stopped cooperating with prosecutors. It’s believed she and Hardy reached a financial settlement for her silence.

photo via Facebook

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport confirmed the photos released by Deadspin.com were among those reviewed by the NFL during its initial investigation, and contributed to the 10-game suspension Hardy originally received in April 2015.

That suspension was later reduced to four games by an arbitrator following an appeal by the NFL Players Association. The photos show extensive bruising on Holder’s back, legs and neck.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has come out in support of Hardy – Jones never saw the photos of Nicole’s injuries before Deadspin released them.

After the alleged incident, Hardy called 911 to report that Holder was the aggressor and was threatening him with her spiked heel shoe. Holder says Hardy threw her on a couch covered in guns and threatened to kill her.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Hardy told league investigators was not responsible for the injuries to Nicole Holder, and was actually defending himself.

He claimed that she attacked him and that he protected himself. Hardy said she was drunk and fell down.

On Saturday night, Hardy took to Twitter to give an apology… kind of.

If you were Jerry Jones, would you be satisfied with a not guilty verdict regardless of the photos? Should athletes still be penalized even if a court clears them of wrong doing?