Did Geno Smith fire his agent because he didn’t go in the first round of the draft?


Newly minted Jets quarterback Geno Smith fired his agency, “Select Sports Group” following last week’s draft. Details are starting to emerge of the alleged promises that were given to Smith about the draft and how that information may have ultimately impacted how Smith was received during pre-draft workouts.

Per DeadSpin:

The source says that the agents “absolutely” told Smith he’d be the first overall pick in the draft, but that the promise came at the outset of the process — surely before the first-pick-possessing Chiefs traded a high second-round pick and a 2014 selection for quarterback Alex Smith.

The bigger issue, per the source, is that Smith believes the agency “handled” him like a “potential high pick,” failing to do things that could have pushed his stock higher.

One sticking point seems to be the decision to keep Smith out of the Senior Bowl.

If he believed he was absolutely going to be the first pick of the draft, I question his level of intelligence. Smith was also said to be upset the agents didn’t do more about negative stories that came out about him close to the draft and felt “betrayed” that the firm signed Kevin Kolb and Chase Daniel.

Geno seems to be feeling himself and hasn’t played one down. I have a feeling we’ll be discussing Geno quite a bit in the upcoming season…