Dez Bryant Tweets He Feels Betrayed in Response to Domestic Violence Tape Rumors

Dez BryantTape

Does this incriminating tape of Dez Bryant really exist? That seems to be the million-dollar question no one has been able to definitively answer.

There have been countless reports that a videotape allegedly catching the Cowboys’ star receiver performing an act of domestic violence against a woman is on the verge of being released. Yet no one has confirmed they’ve actually seen the tape, and media outlets have yet to get their hands on it.

Despite Bryant and the Cowboys making efforts to brush off allegations of the “Ray Rice-Like” tape, rumors about its existence and when it will be released continue to fly.
Speculation about the tape started last week when Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio made an appearance on sports talk radio station 105.3 The Fan in Dallas and referenced the tape. While he didn’t say the tape existed he acknowledged all the NFL insiders know about it.
“It’s one of the best-kept secrets in the media,” he said. “A story that all of the major insiders know about, known about it for months, involving a video tape…[and the] Cowboys are aware of it. Because of that and possible other reasons, the Cowboys have been very reluctant to commit major money to him. I don’t know that [the video] does exist…That’s just the chatter, that there’s video…and the Cowboys are afraid it will come out and have a Ray Rice-like type of an impact…People think that’s what’s keeping the Cowboys from a long-term commitment.”
In response, Bryant hopped on twitter to vent his frustrations and address the tape rumors. He tweeted, “I need to get me a real raw uncut TV show or something … I can’t continue to get betrayed like this.” Last week, Bryant posted another cryptic message possibly addressing the tape. He wrote:


“Just quit with the b.s. … It’s clear as day what’s going on… I might need to do a exclusive interview about my life these past 5 years since the world is destined to know. I use to let people take advantage of my life now that I’m no longer allowing that to happen it seems to be a problem… I’m not ashamed of none of my past incidents because that’s what made me who I am today.” reports that there is a police report from 2011 where police were called because a man allegedly dragged a female from a vehicle that was later discovered to be registered to Bryant. The woman was Iilyne Nash – Bryant’s girlfriend at the time. She recently gave birth to their daughter.

She said an argument occurred between her and a separate male acquaintance, listed as Alex Penson, before she went to a friend’s home and was picked up by Bryant.

She told police there were no injuries as a result of the situation. Police determined no crime was committed and allowed everybody to leave the scene, according to the report.

You can view the full police report HERE.

Normally, where there’s smoke there’s fire but looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.