DeSean Jackson has a special send off for the Eagles [Video]

First and foremost, NFL games on Saturdays are dumb… Saturdays are for pee wee leagues and college. Now that we’ve established that, let’s take a look at DeSean Jackson clowning his old team, the Philadelphia Eagles after the Redskins beat them, 27-24.

DeSean’s departure from Philly was neither smooth, nor friendly as

DJacc had a lot to say following the win:

Asked if he was surprised that the Eagles left him one-on-one with Fletcher, Jackson said with a laugh: “Not at all. Last year, when I had been there the last couple years, that’s how they play. They’re very naive and they play how they play. They could care less who is out there or who is at wide receiver, they’re going to play their defense the way they play it,” he said.

“That’s the Philadelphia Eagle defense. I’ve been there a lot of years and witnessed a lot of players – wide receivers, tight ends – get off on some huge games on them, and I’m just happy to be on this side and be able to send them home with a loss.”

And then the cherry on DeSean’s sundae, when asked if the Eagles miss him:

“That’s a question to ask them. As far as my ex-teammates, guys out there on the field, I think a lot of them guys miss me,” he said. “They tell me that during the game. Still have good relationships with a lot them guys over there, and they constantly tell me how much they miss me and they wish I was still there. But it’s a decision they chose to make in the front office. I’m happy to be here in Washington.”