DeSean Jackson Claims Former Agent Bribed Him With $50,000 In A Duffle Bag


Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson is claiming his former agent, Drew Rosenhaus bribed him to stay on as a client with a duffle bag full of cash. Back in 2011, Jackson had two years left on his deal with the Eagles.

Per a filing in federal court in response to a judgement against Jackson to repay a “loan.” Jackson claims Rosenhaus promised he could get the wide out a new deal during the 2010 season. When that didn’t happen, the agent allegedly convinced Jackson to be a training camp hold out.

“In the end, the holdout served only to embarrass Jackson, undermine his credibility and diminish his negotiating leverage with Eagles’ management,” said Jackson’s attorney, William Quinn of global law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, in the filing.

Jackson was upset at the result and wanted to seek new representation. Jackson claims that Rosenhaus bribed him with cash to retain his service. And this bribe is the basis for the “loan” that he sued Jackson for once he fired him.

Rosenhaus paid him and his family $143,088 to remain a client. NFLPA regulations prohibit agents from “providing or offering money or any other thing of value to any player … to induce or encourage that player to utilize [his] services.”

Rosenhaus gave Jackson a down payment of $50,000 cash around midnight, at a gas station parking lot, in a Louis Vuitton travel bag. He also gave Jackson a $90,000 check, and a $200,000 interest-free loan.

“We went over the contract on the car [on the side of the road],” Rosenhaus said in an arbitration hearing in September of 2013. “I waited until I saw on my phone that it was after midnight. We proceeded to execute the contract. After executing the contract, I then gave DeSean the money that we agreed to give him. I gave it to him in the [Louis Vuitton] bag.”

In what world do you think its ok to give your client $50,000 in cash at a gas station parking lot and that sounds like square business?