DeMarco Murray Deletes Any Cowboys References from His Twitter Account



They say a person’s tells you a lot about them, and if that’s true, then Demarco Murray’s Twitter account is doing a whole lot of talking.

According to Complex, around 4:00a.m. this morning, Murray—or someone in his camp—hopped on Twitter and erased every single reference to the Dallas Cowboys from his account. Any sort of Cowboys-related pictures or tweets on the star running back’s page are gone! The deleting of Cowboy pictures and references is also interesting because Murray hasn’t sent out a tweet in almost a month.


Murray’s social media message should have Cowboys fans feeling a little nervous.

Murray hasn’t decided whether or not he’s going to re-sign with the Cowboys. His agent is still looking to find the best possible deal across the league since he is now a free agent. As Murray and his team are looking for the best deal, ESPN’s Adam Shefter is reporting negotiations between the running back’s agent and Jerry Jones & Co. have stalled and both parties haven’t talked in a week.


Murray’s already got Cowboys’ fans on the edge, Lawd knows what will happen if he hits that ‘unfollow’ button