Cowboys Dez Bryant blows up at teammates on sideline then defends his “passion”


The Dallas Cowboys managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on Sunday in their game against the Detroit Lions. Earlier in the week, one of the big headlines leading up to the match up was Cowboys wr Dez Bryant saying he was as good as Lions Calvin Johnson. Bryant was extremely “passionate” all game. He was so fired up that he had a couple of blow ups with teammates on the sideline during the 31-30 loss.

His first blow up came  in the third quarter. He got in the face of Tony Romo and some of his coaches.


But then, the Cowboys had a 60-yard touchdown to go up 20-10. Things seemed to be going well the boys were up 30-24 with 1:02 left. Then the Cowboys remembered who they are and allowed the Lions to get down the field and score. Dez then went through another bout of “passion,” and was confronted by tight end Jason Witten. Demarcus Ware had to step in and pull Dez together.




Dez wants to win. It’s difficult adapting to a losing culture. Dez just has to figure out a way to express it in a more mature manner. But I’m all for passion. Fans always say they want players to care and to be affected by the outcome. Following the game, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett had a private locker room meeting with Dez. And owner,  Jerry Jones shared a few words with Jason Witten.

The team had Dez’s back following the outburst and Dez said he’s just passionate.

gifs via @CJZero, Guyism