Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan gets pumped after 3rd down stop yells “Go for it F*#% face” [video]

The Dallas Cowboys stepped into MetLife stadium to take on their rivals and NFL champs, New York Giants. Initially, it looked as if this game was gift wrapped for the champs but several fissures showed up that indicate this could be a rough season for the Giants.

Victor Cruz dropped THREE passes. Oh the pressure going from obscure to main attraction…

But one of the most entertaining moments Wednesday night happened on the sideline by Cowboys defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan. Check an amusing description of the action via Jersey Chaser and the video below:

After a costly interception started the Giants drive in the goal-to-go range the Cowboys’ defense stepped up like Kanye West since finally knocking Kim Kardashian, keeping the Gmen out of the endzone and forcing them to kick a field goal.

Following the goal-line stand, Cowboys defensive coordinator could be seen going HAM on the sidelines, dropping a number of F-bombs, including one directed at the Giants’ sideline.

As the Cowboys defense ran off the field Ryan could be seen screaming, “Go For It F*ckface!” towards the Giants sideline. Although it is unclear exactly who Ryan was screaming at, dude might need to calm down a tad before he blows a gasket.


Cowboys win 24-17