Chad ‘OchoCinco” Johnson says expect a monster season from him with the Dolphins

Chad Johnson is Ochocinco no more. The always outspoken Wideout is with a new team this season, the Miami Dolphins, and has officially taken his last name back. In addition to all that newness (including being a newlywed) Johnson has announced that more of the “old Chad” will be showing up in Miami.

“This season is going to be a monster year,” Johnson said.  ”I don’t care who’s playing quarterback. I’m going to have a great year.”

“The first day I get to camp, everybody’s mouth can drop [the bleep] open,” Johnson added.  ”My game is at the point where it doesn’t matter who starts at quarterback. Oprah can play quarterback and we’ll be all right.”

Chad also said that the Patriots shackled him last season so he wasn’t able to get loose and has a message for anyone who thinks his outspoken demeanor and fondness of Twitter is a problem.

“That’s a distraction???  The tweeting?”  Johnson said.  ”My answer when people say that is, ‘Shut the bleep up.’  Be real!  How many arrests have we had this offseason?  But my tweeting is an issue?  Get an [expletive] life, people.”

I guess we’ll see. The Dolphins will be featured on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” kicking off August 7th.