Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson interview to featured in season finale of HBO’s “Hard Knocks”

Not sure if I feel this is the appropriate vehicle for this but I suppose it makes perfect sense considering the individual. Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson will give his first interview following the domestic violence incident between he and his estranged wife, Evelyn Lozada to HBO’s Hard Knocks. The program features the team he was cut from just a few short weeks ago – on camera – the Miami Dolphins. Tuesday night’s episode is the season finale and Chad along with his former coach, Charles Collins will make an appearance.

I’m curious as to what the scope and focus of the interview will be. Does he plan to address Evelyn’s comments from the “Nightline” interview that aired Friday night? And considering this is the team that cut him – quickly with no other starting caliber wide receivers on the roster – I’m interested to see exactly why this forum was selected. Since he’ll be working with his coach is it an effort to showcase him to NFL teams that might need a receiver – hello Jets.

I guess one thing is apparent, the Dolphins still need Chad for ratings…