Chad Johnson taking a year off from the NFL or in talks with Eagles?

Unemployed WR Chad Johnson is either sitting this season out to work on “personal things” or headed to Philly to help with their receiving rotation depending on what you take from a couple of his Tweets.

During Monday night’s game between the Falcons and the Broncos, Johnson sent the following tweet.


But later, he tweeted that he was headed on some sort of mystery trip to Philly. Tuesday is the day that most players are off in the NFL but it’s also when teams bring players in for tryouts. Right now, it’s all speculation. If Chad can get a job and stay focused, of course it’s better to take it. But spending sometime out of the limelight isn’t a bad move.

The Eagles are currently dealing with injuries to Jeremy Maclin (hip), DeSean Jackson (hamstring) and Riley Cooper (collarbone)