Cam Newton’s Post Super Bowl Press Conference Sparks Controversy

Super Bowl 50 ended with “the sheriff,” Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos riding off into the sunset with an NFL championship. The Broncos defense took on he challenge of shutting down Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton. There were no dabs in Super Bowl 50.



While on the field post-game, Cam was a good sport, hugging Peyton and flashing his trademark smile. But when it came time for the postgame conference, another side of the NFL’s MVP showed up. This Newton was quiet, subdued and visibly irritated before finally deciding he’d had enough and walked out of the presser.

At 26-years old, Cam is still growing and had just lost the biggest game of his life. But as the league MVP and face of the Carolina franchise, you expect more from him. It should also be noted the Broncos were just a few feet away in their moment, reliving the game, and how they shut him down, with the media.

It will be a long summer for Cam, but it’s not as if he can’t come back from this moment.