Cam Newton Says People Are Scared Cause He’s African-American

One of the biggest stories leading up to Super Bowl 50 surrounds Carolina Panthers’ star Cam Newton. There’s been a rising backlash against Cam, with some upset that he doesn’t represent the quarterback position in a traditional way.

Even though Cam continues to prove his worth on the field;The Panthers are 17-1 and have won 22 of their past 24 games – that includes the playoffs. This dates back to a four-game winning streak at the end of the 2014 regular season – people are MAD. Cam has a response to those critics who have a problem with Cam doing him.

“I’ve said this since day one,” Newton said. “I’m an African-American quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven’t seen nothing that they can compare me to.”

Early in his five-year career, Newton was accused of being immature and standoffish in response to Carolina losses. His leadership skills were questioned, there was a problem with taking photos of teammates at the end of a blowout. And then there’s the DAB. Cam said that nothing has changed with him.

“The only thing that’s changed is we’re winning,” Newton said.

“Find any way — any way — to win a football game,” Newton said. “Cause when you win [he chuckles], that’s going to give them something else to talk about.”

Newton is the leading candidate for the NFL MVP award. This season he led the league with 45 touchdowns -35 passing and 10 rushing- during the regular season. Away from the game he’s a new dad that regularly contributes to the Charlotte community via his charitable foundation.

Newton will be the sixth black quarterback to start in the Super Bowl, and this will be the fourth straight Super Bowl to have a black starting quarterback.