Cam Newton asks the media for a suggestions on how the Panthers can improve

Panthers QB Cam Newton is experiencing a sophomore slump. Sunday’s game against the Cowboys was just another example of things not going Cam and the Panthers way. The team was up 14-13 late in the game looking as if the Panthers would sneak in victory number two until two late game field goals from Dallas deaded that notion.

Cam’s postgame press conferences have been pretty interesting this season. There was the one when he talked about himself in third person and scolded himself, there was also one where he was “sleep” at the podium. This time, Cam suggested the media bring a suggestion box because he’s out of ideas as to how the team can do better.

Check out a few quotes from Cam:

“The past couple of games have been the same script, by the same director,” Newton said. “It’s kind of getting boring.”

“This taste, this vibe — I’m not buying it, man. And I don’t know what it is, but something’s going to have to change. Something’s going to have to change real fast.”

“This taste.  This vibe.  I’m not buying it, man.  I don’t know what it is,” said Newton.  “But something’s gonna have to change.  Something’s gonna have to change real fast.”

“We just find a way to keep the game close just to see what happens at the end,” Newton said. “I’m getting tired of it, and that’s not a formula to win. Domination is a formula to win.”

“I’m going to bring in a suggestion box. And I want your suggestions in that suggestion box, because I sure don’t know. I really don’t,” Newton said.

At least his sweater was cute.