Browns WR Josh Gordon Will Say Second-Hand Weed Smoke Caused False Positive Drug Test


Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon plans to appeal his year long suspension from the NFL. According to reports, The plan for Gordon’s defense will be the claim that second hand weed smoke is what caused his slightly positive test result.

Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon will try to win his own appeal on Friday and he’ll be doing it with the same lawyer who helped Sherman win his case: Maurice Suh. Gordon began working with Suh in early July, according to

During his appeal, Gordon will argue that his failed drug test was a result of second-hand smoke. Gordon’s failed test came out at 16 nanograms per milliliter, just one nanogram above the NFL’s threshold of 15 nanograms per milliliter.

Gordon’s drug test consisted of two samples. The ‘A’ sample was the one that failed, while a second ‘B’ sample passed the NFL’s drug threshold, measuring at 13.63 ng/ml. The discrepancy will also play apart in Gordon’s argument because both the ‘A’ sample and ‘B’ sample came from the same specimen, meaning they should have tested out to almost the same number.

According to, Gordon has passed at least 70 drug tests since being entered into Stage III of the NFL’s drug program last year.

While its technically possible, if you’re hanging around people that are involved in activities that could cause problems for your NFL career, whose fault is that? Good luck with that. Extreme talent but choices matter as much as output.