Broncos Wes Welker Suspended 4 Games For Dropping Molly


Listen, consider this a PSA to NFL athletes, Molly is NOT your friend. Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker has been suspended four games by the NFL. Welker, like Cowboys Corner Back Orlando Scandrick, decided the off season was the perfect time to drop molly. The assumption was probably that it would clear his system in time for his drug test and everything would be all good.

Welker dropped back in May during the Kentucky Derby, not realizing that his Molly was cut with amphetamines. He attempted to appeal the suspension but ultimately lost.


“I’m as shocked as everyone at todays news,” Welker said in an e-mail to The Denver Post. “I want to make one thing abundantly clear: I would NEVER knowingly take a substance to gain a competitive advantage in any way. … I have never been concerned with the leagues performance enhancing or drug abuse policies because under no scenario would they ever apply to me, but I now know, that (drug-policy procedures) are clearly flawed, and I will do everything in my power to ensure they are corrected, so other individuals and teams aren’t negatively affected so rashly like this.”

Welker will be eligible to return to the Broncos, who have a bye in Week 4, for their Week 6 game at the New York Jets.