Braylon Edwards cut by the Seattle Seahawks

Braylon Edwards must have felt like Craig in “Friday” yesterday. How do you get fired on your day off? The Seattle Seahawks announced Tuesday that they were releasing the receiver via an injury distinction. The release comes on the heels of comment Braylon made in support of Jets QB Mark Sanchez – not related but might have implications on a future employer.

Via @OfficialBraylon:

“Don’t blame Sanchez. I played there. Blame the idiots calling shots. Mark is a beast and will probe it when given a proper chance”

Then he took it all back via Twitter again.

Braylon was there for a year. Something is clearly going on inside the Jets franchise. I don’t necessarily agree with him having to apologize. Sometimes it feels as if athletes aren’t allowed an opinion even though they’re critiqued incessantly.

Lastly, he took to Twitter again to address being released…