Brandon Marshall Loses Bet & Has to Give Antonio Brown His Porsche, But There’s a Twist

Earlier this year before this season began New York Jets receiver, Brandon Marshall bet Pittsburgh Steelers receiver, Antonio Brown that he would finish the season with more receiving yards.  If Marshall won the bet then Brown would have to hand over the keys to his Rolls Royce, if Brown won then Marshall would have to give up his Porsche.  Now, the results are in.

Brown currently has 496 more yards than Marshall.  With only one game left in the season, we practically have our winner, barring a miracle.  However, there’s a happier ending to this for Marshall as Brown gave him a choice.

Project375 is an organization dedicated to eradicating the stigma around mental illness.  Marshall revealed he has borderline personality disorder a few years ago and has worked on spreading awareness about mental illness.  It’s pretty obvious he’s going to go with choice #2 and it was really nice of Brown to give him that chance.

Here’s Brown’s Rolls Royce btw.

Ronald Ocean > Jack Frost #boomin

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