Brandon Marshall Gave 40-minute Press Conference on Domestic Violence, Abuse & other issues


Chicago Bears Brandon Marshall had his fair share of domestic incidents a few years back. Earlier this week, ESPN’s “E:60” aired in interview with him that took place in 2012. Marshall was upset because he said that the network used an old interview to paint him as a villain.

On Thursday, Marshall held a 40-minute press conference – without notes- to address the E:60 plus, a news conference held earlier in the week that featured Marshall’s ex-girlfriend, Rasheedah Watley, who is currently being represented by Gloria Allred. The ex accused Brandon of assault in 2007, and claimed the league wouldn’t help her.

They recounted allegations of abuse against Marshall dating back to 2006, including ones in which Marshall allegedly punched and stabbed Rasheedah, and allegedly rammed her friend’s car when she was trying to help Watley after one incident in 2007.

According to Marshall, Watley’s camp frequently tried to demand money from him following 2008 accusations, and passed out a packet of information including a letter from Watley to Goodell admitting she was pressured to make up the claims.

“ESPN really does know the story. Because they were sent packets with both sides of it. And that’s what is so upsetting. When someone can sit in my living room and look at me and my wife in the eyes and say, ‘Listen, this story is about what you’re doing today. The mentorship.’ Or this is about your camp, this is about your community weekend. And then they use our story and they sensationalize it to sell magazines or to get better ratings. It’s time that stops.”

Marshall also tackled head on some of the other sensitive topics that have been floating over the NFL the past few weeks including; spankings and corporal punishment; Marshall estimated that 75% of players have received harsh discipline, revelations about his alcoholic mother surviving physical abuse and sexual assault, him sending her to the Betty Ford clinic to get sober at a $100,000 price tag in 2012.

Marshall also claims he missed out on $50 million in contract dollars as he was learning to understand his disorder, BUT he didn’t blame the disorder for his domestic issues.

“We run away from certain topics (and) last week I found myself running away from it, too, and that’s not me,” Marshall said. “You know I love controversy because it’s an opportunity. It’s a platform to talk about some of these issues that really need to have light shed on it.”

You can watch the complete press conference HERE

In 2011, while Marshall was a member of the Miami Dolphins, he discovered he had been suffering from Borderline Personality disorder. He’s currently married and his wife is pregnant with twins. The couple had an incident in 2011 before Marshall was diagnosed and treated. Since then, he’s been the epitome of what you want from a professional athlete.

Change is possible for some if given the opportunity.