Bills Fans Greet Colin Kaepernick Boos, Threats and a Tackle Dummy

Most of the conversation this season surrounding San Francisco 49’ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been related to his National Anthem protest. On Sunday Kaepernick played his first game as the starting qb for 2016. Some Buffalo Bills fans felt a type of way about Kaep and let their ugly side flourish.

Fans were selling t-shirts that featured Colin in the crosshairs of a rifle scope, while another shirt declared him “Kaeperdick.”

Another shirt for sale was emblazoned with an image of Kaepernick taking a knee and declared, “While you’re down there.”  That’s a direct attack to his manhood.

Another fan was escorted from the stadium by security after he threw a beer at Kaepernick. One tweet showed a Kaepernick pinata that closely resembled a lynching. Other Bills fans set up a Kaepernick tackling dummy where people could be heard yelling tackle the Muslim.

Basically highlighting why Kaep felt the protest was necessary. But there were also many at the stadium who were on his side.

Following the game, Colin shared his thoughts on the hostility he’s received.

photos via Twitter