Bears Lineman Ray McDonald Arrested For Domestic Violence Again


Innocent until proven guilty? Or, when there’s smoke, there’s fire? That’s the question the Chicago Bears will have to answer, following a new allegation of domestic violence against defensive lineman Ray McDonald.

Last season while playing with the 49’ers, McDonald was accused of domestic assault. He was cleared. Later, was cut from the team after a separate accusation of sexual assault came to light. Once again he was cleared.

But now there are reports that he was arrested for domestic violence and child endangerment, according to Damian Trujillo of NBC Bay Area.


Currently there are no further details. But this is naturally a case everyone will be watching closely. Especially as the last year has seen a decided change in the thought process and handling of athletes accused of domestic violence.

The Bears might decide he’s not worth the headache and cut him before there’s even a resolution to the charges.

The Bears have released Ray McDonald