Baltimore Ravens win Super Bowl XLVII, the highlights, plays, commercials & more


The Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII. The Ravens beat the San Francisco 49’ers 34-31. Ravens QB Joe Flacco was the MVP

Lets go over a few highlights from the game:

  • True exuberance and an F Bomb from Joe Flacco



  • Beyonce… Go HERE to check out that performance.


  • Ravens Jacoby Jones 108 yard kick off return touchdown to start the third quarter..


Jones’ return was his second touchdown of the game. Late in the first half, he hauled in a 56-yard touchdown pass from Joe Flacco that put the Ravens ahead 21-3. He became the second player with two TDs of 50 yards or more in a Super Bowl, tying Washington’s Ricky Sanders in 1988.

  • At the start of the third quarter, the power went out at the Mercedes Benz Superdome for 34 minutes. It was absolutely a momentum changer. It gave the Niners – and Colin Kaepernick- a chance to get his head back in the game. The Ravens were leading 21 – 6 at the half.



  • Joe Flacco saying in his post game interview that he absolutely planned to CASHOUT. Flacco hadn’ signed an extension and in a post game interview with the NFL Network, Deion Sanders referred to Flacco as the $100 million dollar man now. This was Flacco’s response:

“(Baltimore Ravens owner) Steve Bisciotti told me that if this happens, I can go pound on his desk and really stick it to him. And I said, ‘that’s exactly what I’m going to do,’”

When host Rich Eisen reiterated that Flacco plans to “stick it to the man,” Flacco said he meant his comments “in a good way.”

“I love him but …” Flacco said of Bisciotti.


  • Ray Lewis


  • This Super Bowl set a viewing record, 48% of US households tuned in to watch.

The commercials weren’t that great this year but here are the standouts.

  • This Go Daddy commercial made my stomach turn. The sound, the visual… ICK. I guess that’s what you want, something memorable but Just NO.



  • The Calvin Klein spot.. WINNER


  • And this Taco Bell one


  • This Jeep commercial was amazing. I appreciate that black women were well represented in Super Bowl XLVII. From Jennifer Hudson, Alica Keys and Beyonce’s performance to Oprah’s voice over and this commercial.


The Ravens came out ready, focused and determined. Congratulations to the Ravens, the city of Baltimore and all their fans.