April Fool’s Day With Tom Brady and Seahawks LB Bruce Irvin


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is having a good time on vacation, and using Facebook. So far we’ve seen video of him getting crossed up by Michael Jordan in a pick up game in the Bahamas. He also jumped off a cliff while his wife and kids looked on.

What better way to end an awesome spring break, than by posting a Photoshop of himself in a full body cast, including a signature by MJ.


April Fool’s…

And in not so-funny-April-Fool’s news.

Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin’s brilliant April Fool’s day prank for his Twitter followers, was to tell them he had been arrested for drunk driving.


“Before this hits the media I just wanna apologize to my fans the @Seahawks organization once again. I made a terrible decision (by) driving after I had a few drinks,” he tweeted from his verified account. “I will do everything to get ur (sic) trust back and will become a better person after this.”

He sent those tweets Wednesday morning. Thirty minutes later, Irvin tweeted “How many of yall thought I was serious ?! Haha April fools!!!”