Antonio Cromartie Responds To Jets’ Coach’s Son Talking Trash On Twitter


Social media etiquette 101 says, if you’re going to talk trash about someone you know in real life but would never say those things face to face, it’s probably a good idea to make sure they don’t know your Twitter handle.

Sunday evening a few tweets taking shots at New York Jets players popped up, after the team’s 24-17 loss to the Eagles. The tweets were sent from new tight ends’ coach Jimmie Johnson’s son’s account. Of course they were later deleted but not before Yahoo! Sports grabbed a few screenshots and Jets CB Antonio Cromartie clapped back.



He followed this up with a photo of Antonio Cromartie, with the caption, “Antonio Cromartie with 2 of his 15 kids.”



“Y the f you worried about my family. If it wasn’t for your dad you (wouldn’t) be nothing in life @JimmieJ82. You better watch yourself son,” Cromartie

Eventually he changed his Twitter handle to @JTre88, and apologized.

“@CRO31 apologize for the tweet man, I really didn’t mean anything by it. Stupid tweet. I hope I get to apologize to you in person,” he tweeted.

“Those tweets were really stupid on my part. Will apologize to both of them if I get the chance,” he added in another tweet.

I’m sure the conversation with his dad was interesting.