Anonymous Redskin player says no one gets the RG3 hype anymore


The Washington Redskins are in trouble. Clearly this will be the last season with the franchise for QB, Robert Griffin III. As the season rolls on, apparently some of RG3’s teammates are speaking out – anonymously of course – about the issues they have with him

“No one is happy … no one gets the hype around him anymore.”

As bad as Griffin’s play on the field has been this year, our guy says it’s actually RG3’s off-the-field demeanor that ticks off his fellow players the most.

“He’s secluded and it affects us in the game. We don’t have that real rapport. He’s lost confidence and is complacent now.”

There’s more, Griffin’s mediocre season has made some of his teammates skeptical of not just his future with the Redskins but in the league period.

“I don’t see him being in the NFL for that long,” we’re told “I think he goes into politics. He’s good at that kinda thing.”

Bloop… tell us how you really feel. The Washington Redskins are currently 3-9 at the bottom of the NFC East with a four-game losing streak.