Adrian Peterson Reportedly House Hunting in Dallas

Adrian Peterson

Jerry Jones may have a few tricks up his sleeve and one of them may be bringing Adrian Peterson to the Dallas Cowboys.

Over the past few weeks, the NFL star running back has hinted that he wants out of Minnesota and to part ways with the Vikings. But is it possible he trades the purple and gold for silver and blue?

It would explain why the Cowboys’ negotiations have stalled with their current running back Demarco Murray. It’s obvious that Murray wants to remain in Dallas, but wants to get the big bucks, so both parties are at a stalemate.
While the Cowboys are leaving Murray twisting in the wind, rumor has it Peterson was house hunting in Dallas. A Dallas realtor Candy Evans, is claiming Peterson was house shopping in Dallas, TX area:

The word is that the running back extraordinaire came in on a chartered jet to Love Field, was met by an agent, and then set off to house hunt. Like here in the Dallas area. We are wondering if y’all have heard anything about this, or know which homes he might have taken a gander at. (We’ve got a few selections.) Peterson is from Palestine, Texas and has a home in Houston.

Shan Shariff of 105.3 The Fan in Dallas asked Peterson directly if he in Dallas over the weekend and Peterson said he couldn’t comment on it.


Since ‘AP’ is from Texas he could be just buying another home in his home state. Tony Romo and Peterson would be a dynamic duo, but for now we’ll just have to wait and see.