Adam “Pacman” Jones tells NFL rookies not to be like him

Adam “Pacman” Jones has been making NFL headlines for years. The bad part about that, it usually wasn’t for his on-field performance. Pacman Jones spoke Monday at the annual rookie symposium and told the draft class of 2012 the two things he wanted them to remember, not to follow his path and that he didn’t pay attention during his rookie seminar.

Jones, via, said, “I wouldn’t want any of those guys to go through what I’ve gone through. It’s not fun being on the news every day for this mistake or that mistake because your boy did this or you did that. At the end of the day, my oldest girl is six right now, and she can read. She can type my name into a computer. You don’t want her to see all of those negative things.”

“I don’t remember too much from my (2005) rookie symposium because I didn’t pay attention,” Jones said. “That was a problem — and it probably would have helped me out with a lot of situations I’ve been in.”

Jones was suspended the 2007 season following several incidents. He was recently ordered to pay two security guards over $11 million from a civil suit stemming from an incident at a Las Vegas strip club that he wanted to make it rain in.

“Every decision you make is critical. It might not get you now. But it will get you later.” – Pacman Jones