49’ers suspend RB Brandon Jacobs for final 3 games of the season

I don’t know how well Running Back Brandon Jacobs escape from New York has worked out for him. The San Francisco 49ers suspended him Monday for the last three games of the season behind Tweets he posted on the topic of his lack of playing time, including one over the weekend saying he was ”on this team rotting away.”

The team didn’t provide an explanation as to why Jacobs was suspended but it is interesting that they opted to suspend as opposed to waive him. Maybe to avoid another team picking him up.

head coach Jim Harbaugh didn’t address the suspension in his weekly conference on Monday and when asked about Jacobs’ comments and his status with the team said he was invoking his ”fifth amendment” right.

This season, Jacobs only has five carries for 7 yards. He’s referred to this season as his ”worst” year.

Some of his twitter/Instagram antics include posting his championship rings with the Giants:

”I am on this team rotting away so why would I wanna put any pics up of anything that say niners, this is by far the worst year I ever had, I’ll tell you like I told plenty others.”

”I don’t understand why people are angry at me because I wanna do what I am paid to do, I am a competitive person, I think people should be mad if I didn’t wanna play. … As for all of my Instagram photos I don’t have any niner pics, if you’ll find me some pics I’ll put them up.”

Oh and there was this little diddy last month:

”in a place where you hate your boss so much, you should always be happy at work” with a hash tag of ”YouLiveAndYouLearn.”

According to Yahoo, Jacobs had an explanation for the last tweets which he claimed were about his brother and not his personal situation.

Jacobs then said people shouldn’t ”assume” his remarks were football-related, then followed up with more tweets – including one reading ”football is not my life, people” and another saying, ”Have you ever been in a spot and you wonder why are you there.”

Later, he posted that his tweets referred to his brother’s boss, who makes ”him feel like he is the best thing since slice bread but when the budget is shot he is the first one get laid off, same with two other people I know.”

Jacobs is planning on filing a grievance against the Niners with the NFLPA