20 Cowboys players missed curfew in London


The Dallas Cowboys seem to be enjoying their time in London. The Cowboys face off against the Jacksonville Jaguars today, but on Friday night, a third of the team missed curfew.

A report from Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, 20 players on the Cowboys missed their curfew on Friday night. As you’d imagine, that left coaches on the team frustrated and Rapoport adds that some of the team’s veterans were also upset by their teammates’ inability to adhere to team rules. There’s no word on any punishments, although it’s fair to say that the Cowboys won’t be sitting down that many players against the Jaguars on Sunday.

NFL players have curfews. They also are required to stay in hotels before games – even when it’s a home game.  That’s not the case in the NBA.

You know the players are going to hit up Orlando Scandrick’s girlfriend’s after party tonight. Draya in London…