Insight Into How The Panthers Were Able To Get Inside Odell Beckham Jr’s Head

The fall out continues from Sunday’s match up between the New York Giants and the Carolina Panthers. Odell Beckham jr. has been suspend one game by the NFL for his conduct, but now there’s insight into exactly how the Carolina Panthers got into ODB’s head.

Beckham was reportedly upset that the Panthers were hurling trash talk his way during pregame including gay slurs – likely stemming from men upset that women like him and he’s always dancing on Instagram and Snapchat. He also had an issue with a practice squad player holding a bat on the sideline – a practice the Panthers have done in several games as a symbol. “Keep Pounding” is one of their mantras.



Some are saying that this is just “football” and Odell showed he’s not mentally tough by letting it get to him.

Beckham is expected to appeal the situation, with a final decision on Wednesday.

But Beckham isn’t the only one taking some heat. Panthers’ Josh Norman has heated up on field this season, seemingly out of nowhere. The Defensive Player of the Year candidate has held Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, Mike Evans and now Odell Beckham in check this year.Other NFL players have been shading him on social media as of late, saying he’s a “system guy”



And from the Atlanta Falcons in advance for their upcoming match up:

“I don’t get like when people say Josh Norman is tough,” Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones said, via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good player. But they play ‘Cover Two (meaning Norman gets a good deal of safety help).'”

Added Roddy White, via ESPN: “I don’t believe he’s a tough guy. When you say you’re out there talking, I don’t pay attention to guys like that. I just don’t think he’s a tough guy.”