Dabbing With Cam, Dez Bryant, Cardinals & The AMA’s

Last week Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton had some uptight fans in a tizzy because he hit his dab after scoring. Cam is not the first to do this dance, and if this week was any indication, we’ll be seeing folks dab everywhere as we march towards the big game in February.

Cam threw five touchdowns Sunday to 5 different teammates.

“dab on them folk”

The Panthers are now 10-0 after beating down the Washington Redskins on Sunday. Following the game, Carolina head coach Ron Rivera “hit his dab on them folks”

Dab Squad

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant and teammate Terrance Williams received a penalty flag for taunting after this double dab against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

Cardnals-Dab Kickers can get some too. Cardinals’ kicker Chandler Catanzaro “dabbed” after hitting game-winning field goal against Bengals.

The Dab even invaded the American Music Awards on Sunday with Diplo and Skrillex hitting theirs on the red carpet Diplo-Skrillix-Dab

And inside the ceremony