Round One Playoffs

Yes I know I’m a little late with my 1st round predictions but as my excuse, Charles David is having a wicked warehouse sale! I got 3 pairs for $100, cut me some slack PLEASEEEE! LOL

Eastern Conference: Cavs will Sweep the Pistons. If lucky Detroit might be able to sneak one in but the Pistons are a WRAP. Let the Rodney Stuckey era begin in Detroit!
Celtics over the Bulls 4-2. No KG, and no real size on the inside but they are the defending champs. When Ben Gordon is on he scores in buckets, Derrick Rose is that Deal but I can’t see them escaping the first round this year.
Magic vs. 76ers. I have the Magic in 6. Dwight Howard. Nuff said. I feel like I should care a little bit more about this series.
Heat vs. Hawks is going to be a GREAT series! I see this going 7 games with the Heat coming out on top because Dwyane Wade is FLASH! My heart says the Hawks but my head says the heat but, they won’t make it out of the 2nd round.
Western conference: Of course I have the Lakers but in 5 because they tend to get lost in themselves and trick off games. The Jazz have a nice squad and you can never sleep on Jerry Sloan’s coaching but 1 game is it.
Mavericks vs. Spurs. Ok can I be honest, I could care less about this series. LOL But I have the Spurs in 6. Ick… did I mention I could care less about it.
Nuggets vs. Hornets. This will be a great series too. Chris Paul is the BEST POINT GUARD IN THE NBA. But Chauncey has proven what his involvement brings to a team. Something happened to the Hornets this year, I can’t figure out what but the wheels are coming off. Nuggets in 6!
Rockets vs. Blazers Wouldn’t it be crazy to see the Rockets make it out of the first round WITHOUT TMac. That would be hilarious but not happening. Blazers in 6. I like this squad. I see big things coming from them in the future.
::POW:: So there you have it, my first round predictions.