Game 1 of the Playoffs – Stiletto Jill’s reaction

Since I took my time in posting my 1st round predictions, I decided to post my reactions to the games from the weekend now that everyone’s Game 1 is out of the way:

Boston V. Chicago- Boston is in trouble. I still think they’ll make it out of the first round but KG really is that team’s life force. If they’re holding back waiting for him to come save them, they need a new plan. I know they had issues last year (7 Games with the Hawks) but they won at home. Derrick Rose put it DOWN however, can someone get him some media training, a personality… something. Geeze

CLEVELAND V. Detroit- THE KING what more can you say? LeBron and company handled business. didn’t expect anything less. Detroit where was your D? Joe may need to suit up

Orlando V. Philadelphia- Really, you guys went out like that to Philly? Yesterday there was an interview with Kobe Bryant and he was asked if he would’ve let Nate Robinson use him as a prop in the dunk contest. Mamba quickly replied NEVER. Dwight needs an edge, a dark side (I’ll have a blog about this topic later). So disappointed in Orlando but still think they’ll win the series.

Miami V. Atlanta- DWade needs help. Is fatigue becoming a factor for him now? Beasley is talented but I don’t see him fitting in with the Heat long term. Now is the time for Dwyane to show his leadership skills (sorry, just mandating a no going out policy doesn’t cut it for me, have you ever been to an NBA players’ party in the hotel room?), he wanted this role, let’s see if he can be a motivator too. DWade plays best with a chip on his shoulder but I wonder if he can translate that into getting his teammates to step up (JO seriously 2 REBOUNDS dude WTF). UD is clearly the heart of this team, he may need to talk to Dwyane first to help him find his words. JOSH SMITH IS A BEAST. See I’m not sure if my head or heart will win out with this one.

LOS ANGELES V. Utah- Kobe trusts his teammates. “DANGER she smashed the homies” (you NEED to watch For the Love of Ray J to appreciate that comment) Translation, all bad for the opponents. Now he can move like a sniper and take you out at precisely the right moment. TA was huge yesterday and that dunk. SICKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Shannon Brown stepped up out of nowhere (Farmer I think you’ll be spending a lot of time at the end of the bench. Get your towel waving wrist ready). The Jazz have no fire. The Lakers will still probably trick one off but this, much like the Cav vs. Pistons series, just a formality.

Denver V. New Orleans- ::POW:: this is going to be a GREAT series. Chauncey letting CP3 know, I’m not done yet lil one. The Birdman was all over the court ::PAUSE:: Can I just say That I Love Chris Andersen. I don’t know why, he just brings mad energy. Ok, Dhantay trying to body players, I guess he’s the designated thug on the Nuggets, every team needs one (Think Rick Fox during the Shaq-Kobe era). You know Posey is over due for one of those games (think Miami and Boston post seasons of years past).

Dallas V. San Antonio- Still don’t care about this series. The Spurs miss Manu badly. Dallas looked as if they had a pulse but we all know they have no heart. The Heat snatched it out in ’06 and The Warriors smashed what was left in ’07. I’ve issued a Do not resuscitate order.

Houston V. Portland- The Blazers first playoff series in years. Nerves were to be expected. However, what they let Houston do to them is inexcusable. The Heat came back after being down 0-2 to win the Championship so I still have faith in them but…

Those are my views after Game 1 action. Let me know your thoughts.