Superman, Son of Jarrell & Kyrpto Nate??

Dwight Howard was presented with The Defensive Player of the year award. Perfect choice, Dwight is Crazy athletic, has ridiculous bounce, averaged 20 points, 13 rebounds and almost 3 blocks per game. Great personality, very marketable. What problem could I possibly have with Dwight?

On Sunday during half time of the Laker game, an interviewed aired with Kobe. He was asked if he would’ve ever been someones prop in the Dunk contest like Dwight was for Nate Robinson. Kobe quickly responded with Never. Ok, before we go any further. I enjoyed the dunk contest. The playfulness between Nate & Dwight. Great showmanship. (even though Dwight probably should have waited to bring out the high rim, that dunk was underrated but I digress).

It does present the question, is Dwight TOO NICE? Does he have that dark side within him to take over and dominate in the playoffs? That killer instinct. Kobe has it no question, LeBron has developed it (I think spending the past 2 summers with Kobe has caused him to step up), Dwyane, absolutely. Dwight, I’m not so sure. Allow me to give you another example.

It bothers me that Dwight is rolling with this whole Superman thing. It was cute during the Dunk contest in New Orleans. But the fact that he’s a big man IN ORLANDO of all places and continues to go forward on the Superman tip screams weakness to me. He even has the Superman theme play when he scores! While Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, one would think that Dwight would want to forge his own identity. Clearly he’s next to take the big man throne but I think he’s THAT good that he doesn’t need to be Shaq 2.0. It seems as if the Magic are still bitter about Shaq’s departure all those years ago because they’ve hoped on the Superman train with Dwight like your drunk Uncle waiting to break out his “Get em Girl” moves once the Goose has him loose.

Game 2 is tonight and I want the magic, especially Dwight to step up. If you must be a super hero, try the Incredible Hulk or Wolverine. Seemingly mild mannered guys who Turn into straight BEASTS when they’re angered… He ain’t no killa but don’t push him.