Sprite Fumes

Over the weekend, the Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown made its stop in L.A. The event rode into the city as part of the NBA Nation mobile basketball tour which brings basketball fans together in a virtual Hoops paradise. Fans can explore the 18 wheeler show truck or even get the chance to have a 3 point shoot out against one of the league’s stars, on deck for my visit was L.A. Clippers rookie Eric Gordon. The highlight of the day is of course the dunk contest!

Being the basketball aficionado that I am. I arrived early to catch the open rounds and ensure that I’d have a court side seat to fully enjoy the festivities. Troy and Bama Sprite’s Dunk Ambassadors (as well as two of the judges of the actual contest) came out and got the crowd hyped. Troy even dunked over a Laker girl!

And then, it happened… I think there might be some sort of wave sweeping over L.A. hoopers where they’ve developed a temporary case of bitchassness. We’ve seen it in the playoffs (Lakers failing to close out the Rockets in a timely manner but I digress) and it most certainly settled in on some of the dunkers on Sat. 2:00 minutes is a long time to get 1 dunk off. About 15 of these guys needed the full 120 seconds. We’re talking blocked by the rim, you’re not in a game how did you blow that dunk? Need a lob pass, you brought your own guy with you, shouldn’t you have that perfected BEFORE you step on the main stage? Just as I was about to give up on the LA baller and grab a mask to keep the bitchassness fumes from invading my system, Young Hollywood stepped on the court for his time on the clock. He was ready! His confidence was palpable. 10 ticks down, first dunk in and it was a winner! Through out each round Young Hollywood eliminated his competition with assassin like precision. Shout out to KD as well he showed heart after shaking off his initial butterflies.

San Francisco, you’re next on deck