My Top 8 Reasons why The Lakers will win the Championship!!

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you… Sorry my Rakim moment

So here are Stiletto Jill’s Top 8 Reasons why L.A. will be having a parade in a few weeks:

1. The Magic Live by the 3 and thus it will be the death of them. Ironically this is the exact reason why I’m giving the Magic at least a win or 2.

2. Dwight Howard having to bang with Pau for a few quarters will certainly get him into foul trouble. Even if Dwight gets a few of those calls his way, his free throw shooting is atrocious!

3. The Lakers have already hit their rough spots in the playoffs and worked their way through. They understand their weaknesses better than anybody else right now and know what it takes to overcome them.

4. Because the Zen master is a REAL coach. Stan isn’t going up against Mike Brown in this series.

5. Lakers bench > Magic bench

6. Because the Lakers are just as tall as the Magic. It’s going to be hard for the Magic to shoot over that length with accuracy.

7. Because Mamba is ready to strike! 2 years in a row… Not gonna happen.The Lakers have been through adversity, they’re ready for its reward and Kobe is FOCUSED!!

And Finally

8. Because Shaq wants to see it happen! Via the Big Cactus’s Twitter @THE_REAL_SHAQ: that’s right i am saying it today and today only, i want kobe bryant to get number 4, spread da word

Before I go, I want to address Jameer Nelson possibly coming back for the finals. I know Magic fans (or Laker haters which is what this really boils down to) Feel he’s a Laker killer because of that game back in Jauary. But I really think he’ll come in and disrupt the chemistry that the team has. He had surgery shoulder surgery in Feb. Coming back from something like that during the finals will be detrimental to the team. Jameer suiting up for any extended period of time is the wrong move for the Magic. I understand his desire to be out on the court and be a part of it but Jameer = Sweep.

There you have it, Lakers in 6 (Really wanted to say 5 but I’m trying to respect the Magic and what they’ve done!!)

Lastly, I have selected theme music for this post. Westside Connection’s “Bow Down” … Classic West Coast Hip-Hop and the perfect song choice!!!