Pacers Roy Hibbert tosses Warriors Stephen Curry during Warriors-Pacers scuffle [video]


The Pacers will always have the subtext of being involved in one of the most classic fights in NBA history. While the scuffle that took place on Tuesday night between the Pacers and the Warriors wasn’t anywhere near those extremes, it did have it’s own moment. Roy Hibbert is going to be suspended for at least a game for his role. The incident started when Hibbert and Warriors David Lee got into a shoving match during the fourth quarter.

Following the game, Hibbert talked to the press and basically waived the white flag.


“I’m sure I’ll hear from the league in the morning,” he said. “I’m guessing I’ll miss a game. But, I know my teammates have my back. They had my back [Tuesday night]. I’ve been on teams in my five years here, something like that happened, they left you alone on an island. This team, the guys look after one another. Everybody ran over and protected.”


During the melee, Stephen Curry attempted to get Hibbert under control but Hibbert tossed Curry to the side like a ran through jumpoff. Hibbert had some commentary to add about Steph trying to stop him.

“Seriously, I didn’t even feel him,” Hibbert said. “I saw some light-skinned guy. I don’t know if it was Klay Thompson or Steph Curry, I just knew there was a light-skinned guy by me.”