Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak says Dr. Jerry Buss’ health played a role in Mike Brown’s firing


The Lakers were quick on the draw at the top of the season firing head coach Mike Brown just five games into this NBA season. GM Mitch Kupchak  appeared on CBS Radio Tuesday and shed some light onto the Lakers thought process with that move, admitting that Dr. Buss’ health played a role in that move.

“The one thing that was a big factor is our lack of patience,” Kupchak said. “When we made the changes we made in the offseason, we really did it with a two- or maybe even a three-year window, probably a two-year window to do our best and win a championship. And clearly we knew Dr. Buss was not in great health, and we were hoping for the next year or two we could put something on the court that would result in being in the hunt at the end of the year for a championship.

“And when we didn’t feel we could get there after a preseason and a small number of games, we didn’t feel we had the patience to wait and see if it was going to work out,” he continued. “And that’s really why we made the change we made so early.”

Per my sources, Mike Brown didn’t have a strong hold over the locker room last season either. So it makes sense that with Dr. Buss in poor health the decision makers were trying to ignite a flame as quickly as possible.

“We could’ve waited another month or two, but at the time I believe we were 1-4,” Kupchak said. “And if we would’ve waited another month we could’ve turned it around, or we could’ve been 2-12. We just didn’t want to wait. And that’s because we feel our best chance to win is this year and next year.”

Clearly the 2 year window Kupchak is speaking of is directly related to Kobe Bryant’s current contract.