Lebron James might stop his pregame dunks because of internet hype


Lebron James and the Miami Heat started a friendly little competition  between themselves in the layup line before games. A dunk contest. Lebron has been tossing off spectacular dunks effortlessly but now, just that quickly, hype may have killed the fun. Some people are still upset because LeBron won’t enter the dunk contest and are using his warm up displays as ammunition.

“Maybe I should stop because it’s making a lot of people mad about what I do,” James said after last night’s game. “They’re like, ‘Well, if you can do it in warmups, why don’t you (want to) be in the dunk contest? Stop it.'”

LeBron doesn’t want this to become a spectacle or an issue, he’s focused on the playoffs. See, complaints ruin all the fun. But really, the next dunk contest is a whole year away, let it go.

Maybe all those people can just focus on the meaning of the shirt LeBron puts up on his Instagram page. The comments about this Android Homme shirt being “Illuminati” are hilarious.