Mavericks owner Mark Cuban reportedly irritated Derek Fisher signed with the Thunder


Derek Fisher has resigned with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Back in December, Fisher signed with the Mavs for 9 games, injured his right knee and asked the Mavs to waive him allegedly because he felt it would take awhile to rehab and because he missed his family.

Now that he’s back with the Thunder for the final stretch of the regular season and a playoff run with the Thunder, The Dallas front office is reportedly ‘agitated’ that DFish did not contact them at all through this process.

According to

Owner Mark Cuban did not reply to multiple emails on Monday, but one league source said the best way to describe the mood of the Dallas front office is “agitated.” The source said that Fisher and his representatives never contacted the Mavs during his decision-making process to discuss a possible return to Dallas, the team that, in good faith, initially signed him. The source said that Fisher’s departure before Christmas seemed to come out of the blue.

Hmmmmmm. No doubt his role as player/mentor for Westbrook and the rookie Reggie Jackson making the transition as the back up pg make this a great place for Fisher. There’s also not a question that they’ll be deep into the post season unlike the Mavs. I think it is in Cuban’s best interest to stay away from former Lakers. He keeps getting burned by them.

Fisher has selected no 6 for his second stint in OKC. The meaning behind it is clear, to get his sixth title and to help the Thunder get their first. And in case you were wondering, he has no plans on retiring after this season.