None of The Lakers Free Agent Signings Have Heard From Kobe


The Los Angeles Lakers and awkward moments have a long history. During the introductory press conference for the Brandon Bass, Lou Williams and Roy Hibbert, the trio was asked if they had heard from Kobe Bryant since signing with the team.

Turns out none of them have:


Per the LA Daily News:

Usually, the players will share that Bryant texted or talked with them on the phone. Sometimes, they will divulge what insight or advice Bryant offered. But center Roy Hibbert, guard Lou Williams and forward Brandon Bass, all of whom the Lakers acquired this offseason, indicated in an introductory press conference on Wednesday they had not heard from the Lakers’ star. […] Hibbert shook his head “no.” The players looked at one another. Brass smiled amid the deafening silence.

I guess they’ll talk to him in September before camp starts.