First Look: E! Drops Trailer For WAGS – Wives And Girlfriends Of Sports Stars


Recently I shared with you the deets on the cast of E!’s newest reality show, W.A.G.S. which stands for wives and girlfriends of sports stars. The official trailer has dropped so take a look at what you can expect beginning August 18th.

“When people look at us they see the glitz and the glam, but there’s a lot of things that come with being in this type of relationship,”

“However, you’re walking in there, it’s a representation of your man, too, and I gotta represent him the best I can,” – Sasha Gates

“You know that you’re not always [your partner’s] No. 1 priority, and you have to be comfortable with that.” – Ashley North

Of course I’ll be doing a weekly recap of each episode. In the meantime, if you want to get some perspective of the lifestyle of professional athletes away from the game, check out my new book PostGame Pass: access into the life, available now on Amazon.


H/T The Jasmine Brand